Economic EventTreasury Budget
UnitsBillions of Dollars
Current PeriodNov 2012
Release DateDec. 12. 12
Consensus for Current Period-111.9
Number of Forecasts11
Economic Surprise-60.212 ( -53.81 % )
Prior PeriodOct 2012
Reported Value for Prior Period-119.99
Revised From 
Next Release DateJan. 11. 13
Next Release Time2:00 PM Eastern Time
NoteA deficit of $172.112B as against a deficit of $137.302B In November 2011
DescriptionMonthly Treasury Budget data tends to follow strong seasonal patterns which produce huge fluctuations in the deficit from month to month which does not imply much of long term budget trends. Since the data is not seasonally adjusted, one must compare year to year flows. April tends to be the month where the market regards this report since it has most tax inflows to the Treasury.
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